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Aykroyd Formula to replace 7th Pay Commission

In future, the remuneration of Central-government employees will in all likelihood be fixed by a new system known as the Aykroyd formula, instead of...

Govt organisations to review employee records and submit monthly report

All central government departments, banks and public sector undertakings (PSUs) will now have to follow the Government’s orders and review the performance of their...

No taxes on ration money allowance and risk, hardship allowances: 7th...

As per the 7th Pay Commission recommendations, the Government will soon clear all pending dues for the central government employees and also give salary...

Central Govt. employees need to watch out

Central-government employees are required to observe a certain level of decorum during their working years, in order to enjoy pension and gratuity benefits without...

For pensioners, there is Bhavishya

The on-line tracking system for pension sanction and payment processes has been implemented in the main secretariat of 89 ministries/departments.

Cabinet approves 2% DA for Central-Government employees

This will benefit about 48.41 lakh Central-Government employees and 61.17 lakh pensioners.

Central-Government employees may get pay in excess of 7th Pay Commission

The salary of lower-level officials may be increased from matrix level 1 to 5. 

Government launches e-HRMS for its employees

The availability of online data of employees will help organisations take many administrative decisions easily, such as planning recruitments and posting officials to a task as per their experience and qualifications. 

Central govt employees will not get daily allowances to travel in...

The new rule will be effective from July 1, 2017.

DoPT makes retirement of Central Government employees easy

A mobile app will help retiring officials monitor the progress of their pension settlements.

Central Government increases dearness allowance (DA) by 1 per cent

This increase is aimed at compensating for the price rise.

Attendant allowance for pensioners raised by 50 per cent

The payment has been increased from Rs 4,500 to Rs 6,750 per month.

7th Pay Commission: ‘No’ further salary hike; allowances to be taxable...

The government has refused to meet the demand of central government employee unions who wanted the minimum pay to be raised from Rs 18,000 to Rs 26,000.

Why 7th Pay Commission may be the last

Government may soon go the corporate way as it looks for alternatives for regular salary and allowances increment mechanisms for workers and pensioners.

Central Govt employees get ‘She-box’ to file sexual harassment complaints

This online complaint filing system will encourage more women to speak up about harassment at the workplace and get quick redressal.

41 of 197 allowances abolished for Central government employees

The CoA had undertaken extensive stakeholder consultations such as Joint Consultative Machinery (Staff side) and representatives from various staff associations before finalising its recommendations.

Now, performance review for central government employees

These include 25,000 IAS, IPS, and IRS officers.

7th Pay Commission: Central government employees may have to wait more

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will leave for a four-day visit to Russia on June 20 which implies that he will not be present for the Cabinet meeting scheduled for Wednesday

Central Govt. employees to go on strike on May 23

The Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, along with other employee federations from the Railways and Defence, have decided to hold a massive demonstration in New Delhi on May 23

Retired government officials to supervise recruitment exams

Pensioners will be engaged as inspecting officers and members of the flying squad to conduct and oversee examinations.

Cabinet approves 7th Pay commission recommendation of 23.5 per cent hike

This implies an increase 16 percent in basic, 63 percent increase in allowances, and a 24 per cent increase in pension. 

Central ministries to be linked to online pension system ‘Bhavishya’

The online system will bring in transparency and accountability into the process of pension sanction and payment, and eventually eliminate delays.


Wake up call: Young India inadequately prepared for retirement

The next decade or two may see retirees in India facing the challenge of inadequate incomes.

Towers Watson predicts a 10.8 % hike in 2016

Employers and employees have a different set of beliefs and expectations in the current situation, and this isn’t a healthy trend.

7th Pay Commission: Compensation changes have a positive though very limited...

Let us creatively appreciate the highlights and take a guess whether this additional cost will create gross national value on the hypothesis: 'happy, engaged and motivated employees co-create better yield'!

After effects of 7th Pay Commission

I have decided to resign from the post of Executive. I have realised, with the new pay commission, private sector jobs are not so...

7th Pay Commission: “Just design intents with no elements can’t change...

HRKatha gains exclusive insight into the perspectives of industry leaders, on the 7th Pay Commission. Rajesh Padmanabhan talks about how it could affect the Government workspace, consumerism and talent acquisition.

7th Pay Commission: While the government is a great employer, its...

Industry leaders share their perspectives on the 7th Pay Commission exclusively with HRKatha readers. Prabir Jha candidly dissects the recommendations and dwells on its flip side. 

Performance-linked pay for Central Government employees

In addition to a whopping salary hike, the 7th Pay Commission has also recommended several new aspects for the structure.



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