Central Govt. employees need to watch out


Central-government employees are required to observe a certain level of decorum during their working years, in order to enjoy pension and gratuity benefits without any hassle post retirement. If they fail to remain disciplined and perform as expected, they risk getting their pension withdrawn or withheld. If they are found guilty of any serious crime or fraudulent activities, their pension may even be stopped altogether.

Government of India’s official pensioners’ portal says, “Future good conduct is the implied condition for grant/continuance of pension. The appointing authority may, by order in writing, withhold or withdraw a pension or a part thereof, whether permanently or for a specified period, if the pensioner is convicted of a serious crime or is found guilty of grave misconduct.”

In cases where any departmental pension enquiry is carried out against an employee, rules say that only provisional is to be paid to the retiring employee while the gratuity is to be withheld till the end of the enquiry and final order by the competent authority.

Also, as per rules, any departmental enquiry can be initiated against an employee post retirement. In such a case, the President of India has to sanction the enquiry. It further adds, “Proceedings need to be conducted by such authority and in such place or the President may direct and in accordance with rules applicable to departmental proceedings in which an order of dismissal from services could be made in relation to the Govt. servant during his/her services.”

Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972, regulates the pension and gratuity benefits of the employees of central-government departments. Railway employees and defence personnel abide by different rules though.

The pensioners’ portal says, “A government servant appointed in a pensionable establishment on or before 31.12.2003 and who retires from government service with a qualifying service of 10 years or more is eligible for pension.”

It also adds, “With effect from 1.1.2006, pension is calculated at 50 per cent of emoluments (last pay) or average emoluments (for last 10 months), whichever is more beneficial to the retiring government servant.”

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