Scoot to give 6 months’ salary as bonus to staff

A subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, Scoot is offering the bonus as the parent airline posted record profits for FY 2020-23


Close on the heels of Singapore Airlines (SIA) granting eight months’ salary as bonus to its employees, its subsidiary, Scoot, has decided to give six months’ salary as bonus to its staff.

All eligible employees of Scoot will receive a six-month salary bonus following record profits posted by the SIA Group for FY 2022-23, which ended on 31 March, 2023.

The SIA Group earned profits to the tune of $1.63 billion after suffering losses for three consecutive years. With this bonus, Scoot wishes to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of its employees, along with the sacrifices they made to strengthen the foundation of the airline.

The Group managed to transport about 26.5 million passengers during 2022-23, which is a record six times more than the number of passengers it flew in the previous financial year. An increment was witnessed in passenger load factor too, from 55.3 to 85.4 per cent. While SIA alone accounted for 85.8 per cent load factor, Scoot operated with 83.9 per cent load factor.

In the aviation space, ‘load factor’ measures the percentage of available seating capacity that has been occupied or booked by passengers. Therefore, a high load factor means the airline has managed to sell most of its available seats/tickets.

In the fourth quarter of FY 2022-23, Scoot alone catered to 58 destinations, and the airline is rapidly expanding its network.

Relaxation of restrictions internationally made it possible for SIA to restore its flight network. The Group connects 109 locations across 36 countries, and boasts of a cargo network that connects about 118 destinations across 38 nations.

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