Whirlpool employees will get $1000 if they get vaccinated

The move is aimed at motivating those who have no faith in the vaccine to get inoculated


With the president of the US ordering all private-sector companies to get their employees vaccinated or prepare unvaccinated employees to get tested weekly, Whirlpool has decided to pay incentives to its staff to get inoculated. It is paying $1000 to employees who get vaccinated. Not surprising, since the US government has declared that all companies will be fined $14,000 for each instance of violation.

As per media reports, Whirlpool already had a policy to incentivise employees getting vaccinated, but now it has increased the incentive amount to $1000. It is hoped that this incentive will motivate employees, who do not trust the COVID – 19 vaccine or are doubtful of its efficacy, to get the jabs.

The Company has said in a media statement that the increased incentives will apply to previously-vaccinated employees as well as the ones who get themselves vaccinated now onwards.

Keeping the safety of its employees as the priority, Whirlpool acknowledges that its employees have been working tirelessly despite the challenges of the pandemic, to serve their customers and fulfil their demands. Many were dependent on electronic products to meet the day-to-day needs of food storage and medicine storage.

Vangaurd, an asset-management firm in the US, has also announced $1000 incentive to all its 16,500 employees. Many other companies have begun rolling out similar schemes and are resorting to incentivising the vaccination drive at their workplace, to get more employees to go for the vaccine.

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