DataCore to hire 150 in India by 2023

The objective is to strengthen its engineering team in India, which will soon become a centre of excellence


DataCore, the US-based software-defined storage company, is gearing to hire more than 150 people in India over the next two years. By March 2023, the Company intends to have half of its global workforce in India. It has launched a new office in Bangalore where it already has two facilities.

The Company, which delivers intelligent and powerful software-defined storage solutions for block, file, and object storage, has acquired MayaData, the original developer of OpenEBS and developer of MayaStor. The combined teams of DataCore and MayaData will sit in the new office.

India will be a full-fledged centre of excellence, driving various functions for DataCore, including marketing and operations, and also be a net exporter of innovation and talent.

David Zabrowski, CEO, Datacore, shares how the Company’s “investment in India, now completing two years, has proven better than expected”.

Zabrowski sees the Indian market as “a key growth driver from a marketing, operations, and talent perspective”. No wonder, the Company is gearing to invest millions of dollars on its India expansion activities, including a comprehensive hiring programme.

The acquisition of MayaData has made it possible for DataCore to offer “the broadest product offering spanning block, file, object, HCI, and now container-native storage – and the deepest IP portfolio, expertise, and technology”.

The Company will continue to invest in OpenEBS as an open-source technology, and expand the user base as well as the number of developers and contributors. It will continue to facilitate fast, easy and affordable container storage and soon come up with additional solutions.

Catering to over 10,000 customers across the world, DataCore has been innovating in the space for over two decades. Its smart and efficient storage solutions provide greater flexibility to the information technology department across the global healthcare, education, government and cloud service space.

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