Desktop locked after business hours, employees ‘warned’ to head home

In a bid to promote work life balance, an IT company pops warning to its employees to head home after office hours.


SoftGrid Computers, an IT company based in Indore, has implemented an innovative system where their computers automatically shut down at the end of an employee’s shift, leaving no option but to leave the office.

The message, “Warning!!! Your shift time is over. The office system will shut down in 10 mins. Please go home,” appears on the screen as a reminder.

Tanvi Khandelwal, an HR professional at the company, shared this initiative on her LinkedIn page, hailing it as a “fantastic” move towards boosting employee well-being and happiness. Khandelwal suggests that such a culture eliminates the need for “Monday Motivation” or “Fun Friday” activities to promote positivity.

Many LinkedIn users have praised this approach and suggested that other organizations follow suit. However, some individuals hold the opposing view that the mandatory shutdown could be counterproductive to an employee’s productivity, especially if they are unable to complete their work during the shift hours. They also argue that strict work hours could cause undue stress to employees and potentially damage their self-esteem.

According to some, the responsibility to achieve a work-life balance should be left to each individual, and strict enforcement of work hours could have more drawbacks than benefits.

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