Digital drive delays salaries of government employees in Haryana


Most of the staff is not computer-savvy, which is slowing down the registration process on the HRMS.

India is rapidly getting digitised with not only private institutions but government offices also going digital. The Central Government’s focus on Digital India has been well received by the states, which are also going digital in many of their services. While going the digital way is certainly good, it will take time and there will be some obstacles in fully realising this mission.

The Haryana Government is also digitising most of its offices. As part of this process, the State Government employees were mandatorily required to upload the necessary information onto the human resource management system (HRMS) portal by September 30, for their salaries to be released. But the glitches in the portal have delayed the registration process. As a result, thousands of employees are still to be registered.

Remunerations have not been released for the entire police force and teachers in the state-run schools, as they are yet to be registered. The education department, being the largest department in the State, is the most affected. It runs 14,380 schools, and employs one lakh teachers and non-teaching staff.

Most of the State Government employees are not used to digital platforms and do not know how to register, which is the main reason for the delay. Also, most of them use computers in offices only and do not have computers at home, where they can fill the registration forms.

With Diwali around the corner, people are eagerly awaiting their salaries. Therefore, decision has been taken to release the salaries and extend the registration on HRMS by a month. Now, the employees will get their pay by today or Monday.

Working towards digitisation, the State has adopted HRMS as the central digital platform for government employees. This platform will contain relevant personal information as well as leave and promotion details, service books, annual confidential reports, and information on transfers. It will help maintain an online record and will be directly linked to the treasury. Also, now employees will be able to apply for leaves, submit bills, and manage other tasks online.

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