Digitisation leads Capgemini to a new brand identity after 13 years


The new image is based on dynamism, precision and people.

Fifty-year old technology company, Capgemini, has donned a new logo. The new identity is based on the three pillars — dynamism, precision and people. The company aims to emphasise on its strengths as a business partner, addressing the whole breadth of clients’ business challenges, to enable their ambition in the digital world.

Virginie Regis, member of the group executive committee, group marketing and communications director, Capgemini, says, “Our new identity demonstrates how agile and in motion we are, helping our clients to address their business challenges, with precision and trust. In this age of digital interactions, we were keen to humanise our name with a fresh hand-written format. Work is also now underway on the overall architecture of the Group’s brands.”

The current logo is 13 years old and a lot has changed since then. It is not just the size, shape and scope of the business, that has changed, but the entire market has shifted. This is the reason for donning a new logo, which also coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Company.

The fresh logo has now a hand-crafted font, which signifies the Company slogan that was launched back in 2010 and is just as relevant today: ‘People matter, results count’. The Company believes that technology is nothing without the people behind it.

Two shades of blue have been used in the new logo. The darker and vibrant blue represents the depth of its heritage and the dependability of the brand and its people, while the lighter blue represents the new world—energetic, inspiring and free-thinking. The blues won’t live alone, Capgemini will draw on a range of invigorating colours to bring this fresh new look to life.

The logo carries a new spade, which is precision animated by positive energy, as it has the highest value suit in a deck of playing cards. Capgemini’s spade is now fluid and dynamic, reflecting the evolving technology landscape and the ability of Capgemini to constantly adapt and master the latest innovation, with the precision and accuracy fundamental to successful client delivery. The spade is now flexible: flowing, folding and turning.

With a global revenue of Euros 12.5 billion, Capgemini is present in over 40 countries and employs 1.9 lakh people.

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