Delhi High Court upholds dignity of women at the workplace

Delhi HC directed the Delhi government to include a woman in the panel for guest teachers and use her services for any school, provided she is medically fit.


While instructing the Delhi government to include a woman in the panel of guest teachers, the Delhi High Court directed that the lady teacher’s services should be used based on her medical fitness.

The HC observed that employers need to be more sensitive towards women who are in the family way, and be considerate towards them.

According to the HC, it is necessary for employers to realise and accept that women face many physical and mental challenges in fulfilling their official duties during pregnancy, and also after childbirth when they are nurturing their infants. And therefore, their condition should be given special consideration at the workplace.

The office of the Deputy Directorate of Education of the Delhi government was directed to issue a relevant order to this effect within 15 days.

The plea of the concerned woman quelled the Government’s order, which had earlier said that her candidature may be considered for the post of guest teacher PGT (Hindi) in future, provided there is a vacancy and against submission of a medical fitness certificate from the competent authority.

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