Doubling its workforce to expand India operation: ServiceNow

ServiceNow's primary focus is to help large enterprises in digitising their internal workflows. Its services cater to a diverse group of CXOs, such as those in charge of people management, risk assessment, security, and procurement.


ServiceNow, a digital workflow company based in the United States, intends to increase its India operations by doubling its workforce over the next two to three years. The centre will concentrate on producing new product offerings that have a global application.

Currently, it is the second-largest centre for the company globally, and its workforce focuses on developing products that generate revenue and are sold to a worldwide customer base. Although the exact number of employees in India is undisclosed, ServiceNow has a global workforce of 20,000 employees and caters to roughly 7,500 customers, with a substantial portion of the workforce based in India.

The company’s core business involves assisting large enterprises in digitising their internal workflows, and its services cater to a broad range of CXOs, including those responsible for people management, risk assessment, security, and procurement. Furthermore, the company’s India Development Center plays a crucial role in developing many of its new product offerings.

ServiceNow’s India Development Center has played a significant role in building the company’s vendor material management, security incident response, and data loss prevention services. Additionally, the centre’s teams are developing a new set of workflow product lines that cater to chief procurement officers, such as procurement and supply. 

The company’s customer base in India covers various industries, including financial services, telecommunications, and manufacturing. The company has established partnerships with major Indian IT firms, Infosys and Wipro, who have also chosen ServiceNow as their preferred platform to serve their global customer base.

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