Flipkart Employees will get financial aid to fulfill their personal dreams


The company believes that only happy employees can be more productive and in sync with company goals.

We know that happy employees make successful companies. Employees whose aspirations align with their company’s goals are the most productive. Companies need to support them in fulfilling their life goals. This is a great way to stand out from other employers and to get and retain the best employees.

Flipkart has come up with an extraordinary programme called the ‘Budding Star Programme’ to help its employees realise their dreams. The aim of the programme is to nurture the talents of the employees and encourage work–life balance, thereby creating contented employees.

Under this initiative, employees will be able to participate in any national or international competition, in any field of their choice and the company will provide them financial assistance of up to rupees three lakhs. Only employees who have completed six months in the company can avail this facility.

Those who wish to be part of the programme are required to submit a request giving details of the activities, which they want to do, post which an internal team will evaluate the applications before selecting. Once selected, the employees will be given the financial aid within five working days.

This programme will cover all national and international-level competitions from any field or area of interest, recognised by government authorities. The company has many multi-talented employees who have been excelling in national and international competitions, such as football, archery, ironman triathlon and mountaineering among others.

Talking about the programme, Flipkart’s total reward director, Satheesh KV said that “Flipkart wants to be a partner in helping employees nourish and achieve their personal aspirations. We have always strived to create a flexible and inclusive workforce, which reflects our cultures and values. We are confident that this initiative will help Flipsters cross off the most important dreams from their bucket list, and in turn, make us proud”.

Flipkart has been very earnest in caring for their employees throughout their life-cycle with various schemes. Some of the programmes it has implemented are insurance benefits, work-life balance benefit support, parental support, wellness programmes and retirement benefits.



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