Ford to layoff its salaried workers across multiple divisions 

The motor company is planning to layoff in gas, electric-vehicle, and software divisions but the exact number is unknown 


Ford Motor, a multinational automobile manufacturer, is preparing for a new round of layoffs affecting its salaried workers in the United States.

The Wall Street Journal reported that individuals who are going to get fired are already aware of the decision.

Last year in March, the company announced to reduce structural costs by up to $3 billion within its gas-powered vehicle unit. Following that, in August, it eliminated a total of 3,000 employees, both salaried and contract-based, primarily in North America and India.

The latest round of layoffs is expected to impact employees across multiple divisions at Ford, including the gas, electric-vehicle, and software sectors. 

Other automakers such as Stellantis NV and General Motors also announced employee buyout programmes due to the rising costs of raw materials in the industry. However, automakers have been experiencing some relief from inflation due to price hikes and increasing demand for new vehicles. 

Moreover, automakers are actively working to control the expenses of their electric vehicle businesses, which usually operate on high-value costs. The electric vehicle sector is becoming a focal point for the industry as environmentally friendly vehicles are gaining popularity and moving towards the mainstream sector.

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