Foxconn plans expansion in India, focuses on workforce development

The company plans to expand in Karnataka and Telangana and will create industrial hubs for enhanced manufacturing


Foxconn is making significant strides in its expansion plans in India, particularly in terms of hiring and workforce development. Since its inception in India in 2005, the company has grown, not just in terms of revenue, but investment and workforce strength.  

In a recent quarterly earnings conference call, Young Liu, CEO and chairman, Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), announced a strategic shift beyond product assembly. While Foxconn is the primary supplier to smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, it’s now focusing on producing essential parts in India’s competitive market.

Presently operating in states Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Foxconn intends to broaden its presence to other areas including Karnataka and Telangana. Through close cooperation with both national and state-level governmental entities, the company strives to set up industrial hubs that cultivate a favourable business atmosphere by enhancing infrastructure, regulations and legal structures.

The recently-established centre in Telangana is anticipated to serve as a crucial focal point for Foxconn Interconnect Technology’s activities, playing a significant role in the company’s efforts to enhance its manufacturing capabilities. The company board has also  sanctioned an extra amount of  $400 million in the state of Telangana as investment. This is done with an aim to increase the aggregate investment of $550 million.

Foxconn’s expansion in India extends beyond product assembly, with a significant emphasis on hiring, workforce development, and strategic investments in key regions.

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