2022 to begin with WFH for many US-based companies

The rapid spread of the new variant of the coronavirus is causing companies to push back ‘return-to-office’


JPMorgan Chase & Co has told its employees that they can work from home at least for the first half of January 2022. It will however, expect them all to return to office by February 1. The employees can enjoy flexibility till then, in consultation with their managers. In early December, JPMorgan in Manhattan had mandated its unvaccinated staff to work from home. On the other hand, it had relaxed the masking rule for vaccinated employees.

Meanwhile, Citigroup has told its employees that they will be able to work remotely for the initial part of the New Year.  The Bank will keep a close watch on the COVID situation before announcing a date for return to office.

Earlier this month, Citigroup had given its employees in New York City the option of working remotely during the holiday season.

This week, a record number of COVID cases were reported in the US, with more than 2,90,000 infections emerging daily. The New York region has been witnessing an alarming spread of the virus, forcing organisations to reconsider their office reopening plans.

Given the situation, Chevron, the American multinational energy company, has pushed back its ‘return-to-office’, which was earlier scheduled for January.

Google had, at the start of December, decided to postponed its return-to-office, which was earlier scheduled for January 10, 2022. The hybrid model of work, which was to be implemented in the New Year, will now be delayed until situation improves.

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