22,000 temp jobs available in the Italian government

Most of these new hires will be for the judicial system of the country and the treasury department.


The Government of Italy is gearing up to hire over 22,000 temporary employees for positions in public administration. This is part of the Government’s economic recovery plan over five years, which includes various measures and reforms. A significant number of the new hires will be assigned to the judicial sector, which is expected to help speed up the legal proceedings, as promised to the European Union (EU) as part of the reforms.

About 16,000 people will be hired for ‘trial offices’ whose main work will be to ensure that court procedures are speeded up with help from qualified talent, who will be hired on contractual basis for up to two years and nine months. An additional 5,000+ people will be hired for other departments of the judicial system. Contractual or short-term hires will also be taken on for the treasury department.

The Country will be receiving financial assistance from the European Union’s recovery fund. Being the biggest beneficiary, Italy can get over 200 billion euros ($242.20 billion) in the form of grants and cheap loans to help recover from the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. A tranche of about 25 billioin euros is being sought in three months’ time.

In its endeavour to reduce expenditure and decrease debt, Italy has kept its public-sector employment under control for several years.

The five-year recovery and resilience plan for the Country will be closely monitored by Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

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