46% Google employees feel their salaries are not competitive

There are some positives and negatives for Google in its annual employee survey


Google’s internal employee survey has revealed that some Googlers are not happy with their compensation structure and they feel that they can earn more in other companies for similar roles and responsibilities.

Annually Google conducts an internal employee survey known as Googlegeist. The results of the survey were announced by Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, in an e-mail to employees.

As per the media reports, the survey had mixed responses. Some positives and some negatives.

But the major concern was related to the unsatisfaction amongst employees related to their salaries. As per the survey results, 46 per cent employees feel that their salaries are not competitive compared to other companies in the United States. This number has dropped 12 points down from the last survey.

Though, people who believe that their salaries are equitable and fair is higher with 56 per cent, but the percentage has dropped by eight points compared with last year’s results. As per a statement given by Google to the media, the company believes that the employees have been offered competitive salaries, equitable income and a variety of other employee perks and the organisation values employee feedback and will continue to ensure that Google pays fairly to all employees.

The company has obliged the issue of rising inflation and Frank Wager, VP-compensation, Google had an internal meeting last December. As per Wager, the company does understand the rising inflation but will not give a blanket raise to employees to keep up with it.

The internal survey also revealed that only 54 per cent of cloud employees feel that promotions are fair. This number has seen a decline of two points from last year.

Some positives from the survey is that employees are happy about the mission and values of the company. In fact, 74 per cent of employees believe that Pichai’s vision and leadership inspires them to do good work. On the other hand, 96 per cent of employees believe that Google’s search, ads and commerce businesses are useful in people’s everyday life.

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