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Google clearly spells out employees’ rights

According to a settlement with the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB), Google has been required to post a list of employees’ rights. Most of...

Former Google employee accused of stealing trade secrets

Anthony Levandowski, who was an engineer and one of the founding members of the self-driving car project at Google, was accused of stealing trade...

Google issues policy against non-work discussions at office

Google issues policy to stop non-work discussions at the workplace. It warns against office conversations on the latest news or any debate topic and...

Internal memo by Google employee alleges pregnancy discrimination

Google has once again been accused of discrimination and retaliation, and this time by a pregnant employee. The concerned employee sent a detailed internal...

IBM fired almost a lakh employees in five years

IBM is reported to have laid off almost 100,000 employees in the past five years, in trying to ensure a more millennial-dominated workplace. An ex-vice...

Employee activism is reaching serious levels

Sit-outs and protests amongst the labour class in the manufacturing units are not new to businesses. Through these protests the workers either raise their...

Google staff told to eschew Pride protests

Google has conveyed to its staff through an internal memo that Pride protests are a violation of the Company’s code of conduct, and therefore,...

Mark Zuckerberg losing popularity among employees

Employees at Facebook seem to like their CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, much less now. According to a survey by Glassdoor, for the very first time...

Google employees seek meeting with Larry Page, CEO, Alphabet

Employees of Google are demanding that Larry Page, CEO, Alphabet, which is Google’s parent company, meet them and resolve their issues. The group of employees...

Women staff at Google speak up about culture of retaliation

Two women employees of Google, who were the force behind the walkout by Google staff last year, have revealed that the Company has retaliated...

Google executive accused of sexual harassment paid hefty exit package

Former senior VP of Google, Amit Singhal, had resigned from the Company following investigations into sexual harassment allegations. However, it has come to light...

Google employees seek equal treatment for contract staff

When the policies pertaining to handling of sexual harassment cases at Google were revised and updated recently, the Company did not factor in its...

Google will change the manner of handling sexual misconduct cases

Google has committed to changing the way it handles sexual misconduct cases, following its workforce staging a walk-out from its offices across the globe...

Google employees stage walk-out in protest of sexual misconduct

Google employees across the world abandoned their desks at 11 a.m. on November 1, as a mark of protest at the manner in which...

Google employees make themselves heard

They voiced their demand for a role in evaluating company projects so that they do not end up as partners in any crime. 

Google’s AI technology, a threat to call-centre jobs

Google partners with Cisco and Genesys to build artificial intelligence (AI) technology that will replace some of the work in call centres.

New rules to address harassment issues in Google

The new guidelines aim to control so-called trolling, where employees deliberately behave provocatively or offensively online to evince strong reactions.

Employees force Google to give up Pentagon deal

Employees do not want to support or be part of any military work. 

Why top companies are encouraging ‘siesta’ at work

A good power nap helps improve productivity and brain functioning.

Google sued yet again by another former employer

Lee, a woman software engineer, alleged that Google has a "bro-culture" that allowed her to be sexually harassed daily, and that the Company did nothing to intervene.


Acquihiring: 2000 HTC engineers are now Google employees

These engineers have been working closely with Google on the Pixel smartphone line. 

Google partners with Pluralsight and Udacity to train 1.3 lakh developers...

Over a lakh scholarships will be given to help developers enhance their skills and employability in emerging technologies.

Google and NSDC launch Android Skill Development Programme

A 100-hour course to train developers to create applications for the mobile platform.

Key to a perfect resume by Google’s ex VP-people operations

The resume should begin with an active verb, quantify a person’s accomplishments in numbers, provide a baseline for comparison and then explain what the candidate did to achieve goals.

Google’s former people director to join PartnerRe as chief corporate &...

Dorothee Burkel, will begin her new assignment in October this year.

‘Google For Jobs’ yet another disruption in job matching

It will pull job listings from various sources across the internet and put them in the search result in a clean, relevant and informative way.  

Google, Mercedez-Benz, Amazon, ITC, Philips India’s most ‘attractive employer’: Randstad Awards

Competitive salary and employee benefits continue to be the top priority among the Indian workforce, while choosing an employer, followed by good work–life balance.

Google gets sued by ex-employer for ‘No right to speak’

The complainant has alleged that Google forces workers to spy on each other through a programme called ’Stopleaks’ that requires them to report the disclosure of confidential information.

Google’s chief of HR Laszlo Bock decides to move on

Laszlo Bock, the man behind Google's culture now plans to to launch a startup.

Google replaces ‘goodies’ with ‘gift of charity’ for employee perks

The company has apparently donated $30 million worth of Chromebooks, phones and associated tech support to schools on its employees’ behalf.

Uber appoints Liane Hornsey, longtime ex-googler as new CHRO

Hornsey has been a VP at Google and is current operating partner at SoftBank.

Samsung, LG sued over US employee anti-poaching agreement

A civil lawsuit was filed last week, accusing Samsung and LG of agreeing to avoid poaching each other's US employees.

Google launches Android skilling programme in line with Skill India initiative

The initiative will train two million developers in India over the next three years.

Google, Apple, RBI, FB, SBI: Preferred destination for business students

Among other Indian companies, Infosys, TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), Air India, Flipkart, Wipro, Reliance Industries, Tata Motors, ONGC, L&T, Mahindra & Mahindra, Aditya Birla Group, Indian Oil, BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.), Snapdeal, HCL and NPTC also feature in the list.

Trouble at Google’s Nest: Employee files complaint: CEO resigns

The project manager, who was fired for slating the CEO on social media, has filed a legal suit in retaliation. Meanwhile, the CEO, Tony Fadell has also put in his papers.

Perks: A way to say you care

Designing a perk is an exercise. In the minds of employees, perks serve as a significant differentiator between companies.

Big Boss is watching

Putting employees under surveillance to measure efficiency, and ensure data security is a common practice. However, constant surveillance also increases fear and stress levels in employees and decreases trust levels.  

How about a Nanodegree?

Google and the Tatas have come together to launch Android Nanodegree programmes in India.

Google-BCG initiates digital skills ‘health checkup’ for companies

Google and BCG will create a learning curriculum to help companies build their digital marketing skills…



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Google clearly spells out employees’ rights

According to a settlement with the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB), Google has been required to post a list of employees’ rights. Most of...

The big bank merger: Why are employees afraid?

Last month, when the finance minister announced the big bank merger it caused quite an upheaval in the banking sector, especially among the employees....

Yamaha reinforces ‘One Yamaha’ concept by signing 3-year wage agreement

India Yamaha Motor (IYM), the two-wheeler manufacturer, recently entered into a three-year wage settlement agreement with the workers of its Chennai factory, reinforcing its...

Apprenticeships – An opportunity for manufacturing companies

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