‘Amazon discriminates against Blacks’, alleges employee

Charlotte Newman had applied to Amazon Web Services for the post of senior manager, she was hired for a lower-level role of public policy manager


Charlotee Newman, a 38-year old Black employed at Amazon atWeb Services has alleged discrimination against Blacks within the organisation. She accuses the Company of paying the Black employees less than the Whites in similar roles. This is not the first time that Amazon has been accused of racism by its employees.

Newman, a resident of Washington DC, had applied for the post of senior manager, but was hired for a lower level post of public-policy manager, for which she was overqualified. Newman has alleged that this is a regular practice at Amazon.

Amazon, however maintains that it has always tried to “foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture,” and therefore, will investigate the matter thoroughly.

Newman has revealed that there are very few Black women in senior roles within the Company. She accuses the Company of making her perform work that was meant for senior-level employees and was even sexually assaulted and harassed by a senior male staff member, before she submitted a formal written complaint, following which the concerned staff member was terminated.

However, Newman will continue to work at Amazon, despite the racism and discrimination, as she hopes to try and bring about positive changes within the organisation.

Not long ago, it was reported that Black employees at the Company face stricter performance evaluations than their White counterparts, and hence, end up receiving lesser promotions. Amazon, of course, denies these allegations.

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