Amazon staff angry at dead co-worker being shown no respect

The Colorado warehouse, where the worker happened to die, neither informed the rest of the workforce of the death nor stopped them from working as usual


Employees at an Amazon fulfilment centre in Colorado, were shocked when they realised that they had been working while a co-worker was lying dead within the premises.

The said worker, 61-year old Rick Jacobs, who had been working overnight, had died of a heart attack at 5 in the morning. The managers, it is reported, simply cordoned the area using cardboard cartons. The employees who came in for work in the morning were neither informed of what had happened nor stopped from working as usual.

The employees learnt from a night shift worker of what had happened and realised that the dead body of the their co-worker was still at the facility, just a little distance away from where they were at work!

Employees at the warehouse were disappointed, upset and angry as no respect had been shown to the deceased. None of the employees were informed of what had happened to their co-worker.

An employee from the warehouse had posted an anonymous message on social media criticising the insensitivity with which Amazon had simply cordoned off the dead body and allowed employees to continue working as if nothing had happened.

Amazon of course has denied the allegations and said they were not true;and as per the Guardian, the Company had allowed employees to take time off to grieve their co-worker’s death.

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