Australian PM to focus on jobs & workplace reforms

Anthony Albanese has said that his government will work on a pro-worker and pro-business growth agenda


Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has revealed his intentions to focus on jobs and workplace reform in the country. Marking the 100th day of his government, he has promised a growth agenda favourable to businesses and workers.

Employers and workers unions are meeting at an employment summit to discuss migration, productivity, wage growth and reforms at the workplace.

Amongst other things, the Australian government will work to accept more migrants and facilitate more permanent migration so that foreign workers, especially nurses and engineers are drawn towards the country.

The pandemic took a toll on nurses, teachers and also workers engaged in the care of the elderly. The Government is keen to boost employment in these sectors in the immediate future.

Another challenge being faced by the Australian economy is the shortage of skills.

Meanwhile, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and Council of Small Businesses Australia (COSBOA) will be working in collaboration to simplify the existing industrial relations system.

New options for collective bargaining will be supported, as proposed by the ACTU recently, which will allow many workplaces to jointly secure deals for employees.

The collaboration between COSBOA and ACTU will make the industrial relations system of the country modern, bringing it up to date. Those working in the care space, which is dominated by women, will end up benefitting the most from the collective bargaining process.

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