‘Can work abroad for 2 months annually’: Revolut to staff

This policy can be availed by all the 2,000 employees of the British fintech startup


Revolut, the fintech startup from UK, is rolling out a policy that will allow all its 2,000 employees to work abroad for up to two months every year. Any of the employees desirous of working outside the country they are employed in, for whatever reason, will be allowed to do so for up to two months, every year.

According to Insider, London-headquartered Revolut, which was valued at $5.5 billion in 2020, rolled out the policy based on requests from employees who wished to visit their families abroad.

Two months ago, Revolut tried out a hybrid working model, allowing employees to select whether they wished to work from home or from the office. It was planning to redesign its office spaces for more flexible and collaborative ways of working.

As per feedback from the employees, over a third of the workforce wished to work 100 per cent remotely, while over 50 per cent wished to work from home for two to four days a week. Only about two per cent of the workforce wished to return to the office full-time.A good 95 per cent of its employees felt no change in their productivity due to the work-from-home arrangement.

Two years ago, Revolut had made headlines when news of high levels of staff turnover and burnout were reported. Some reports also accused the Company of asking applicants to work without remuneration.

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