Companies in the US seek vaccination details of staff

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission maintains that it is legal to seek vaccination status of staff, provided the data is kept confidential.


Ahead of implementing ‘return to office’, many organisations are updating their employee records with the vaccination status of the staff. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission maintains that seeking vaccination status of employees by employers is definitely legal, provided the information is kept confidential.

Goldman Sachs has reportedly asked its employees to send in the dates on which they received their shots, but has not insisted on them giving any documentary proof. On the other hand, Wells Fargo has sought voluntary submission of vaccination status via a survey. The Company will be keeping the information confidential and has assured that the data is being collected only for trend analysis across levels, roles and departments.

Goldman Sachs has informed employees that their vaccination status will be used to plan their safer return to office, in line with the government protocols and public health measures. The internal memo sent the to the staff encourages everyone to get the vaccine but also states that the Company respects the personal choice of the employees in terms of whether or not to get inoculated. However, it requested them to submit the status, and if they have been inoculated, then provide the dates on which they got vaccinated along with the name of the vaccine manufacturer via the official app.

The Bank is looking forward to its staff returning to working from office, as it believes that collaboration is an integral part of its work culture. Also, it does not wish to continue with virtual internships any more.

The CEO of JPMorgan Chase had also said that the work-from-home culture does not work for the youngsters in the long term, as it does not facilitate spontaneity in terms of innovating or generating new ideas. The investment bank expects to have all its employees working from office on a rotational basis July onwards.

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