Departing Googler accuses firm of creating fearful environment

A Jewish employee at Google accused the firm of retaliation because she spoke up against Palestinians’ human rights violation


Ariel Koren, who has decided to quit Google, wrote a letter to all her fellow Googlers accusing the Company of retaliating against her and fellow co-workers who raised their voice in support of the human rights of Palestinians.

Koren, herself a Jew, has worked at Google for more than seven years. She was one of the two employees who led the movement against Google’s project Nimbus, where Google in partnership with Amazon, was working with the Israeli government to offer cloud-computing solutions along with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to the Israeli military.

She has alleged that Google tried to silence her and other Palestinians, Muslims, Arabs and Jews who spoke against project Nimbus, to safeguard the Company’s business interests.

The Company apparently asked her to relocate to Brazil within 17 days or let go of the job. She admits that she was fortunate that the Brazil office allowed her to work from home, and therefore, she did not have to uproot her family and relocate.

Koren goes on to accuse the Company of using its Jewish employee resource group called Jewglers to promote right-wing ideologies in the garb of promoting diversity and true inclusion at the workplace.

Google, however, maintains that Koren’s allegations are false and that its investigations into the same have not led to any relevant proof of any retaliation by Google’s management.

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