Facebook will follow Instagram’s structure; middle managers to be demoted

Meta reportedly wants to implement Instagram's structure and eliminate some layers of middle management for increased productivity. The demoted, experienced Facebook middle managers will have to compete with former subordinates.


As per an insider report, the Facebook division of Meta is considering downgrading some middle managers.

Meta middle managers were asked to start contributing as coders along with being  managers. According to the same report, the managers who will be demoted will now work as ‘individual contributors’ in the same role that they were managing before.

In November 2022, Meta announced nearly 11,000  job cuts in the first round of layoffs.

The new information about downgrading employees comes in while there are still speculations that Meta might lay off more employees.

According to the report, Meta may demote experienced managers and have them compete with former subordinates. The plan is reportedly part of an effort to flatten the company’s structure and follow Instagram’s corporate model. However, the plan has not been finalised yet.

Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012, has been trying to streamline its structure but still has half as many employees as Facebook.

Right now, Facebook uses a ‘matrix model,’ where multiple managers oversee the same project, while Instagram employs a ‘vertical model,’ with fewer middle managers. Meta reportedly wants to implement Instagram’s structure and eliminate some layers of middle management for increased productivity.

In a recent meeting, CEO Zuckerberg spoke about the benefits of flattening the organisation structure. Last month, some Facebook managers were asked to either leave the company or transition to individual contributor roles.

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