Fully vaccinated Walmart employees no longer need to mask up

Walmart no longer requires its fully vaccinated employees to wear masks at its stores.


Starting immediately, the fully vaccinated staff working at any facility of Walmart or Sam’s Club need not mask up, unless the local laws mandate the same in their respective states.

Walmart’s vaccinated employees are allowed to wear masks if they so wish. Those who are not vaccinated and work in the pharmacy and similar areas, will need to continue to wear masks.

Walmart’s masking regulations may set a precedent, given the fact that it has a huge workforce of about 1.6 million. Earlier, Amazon had allowed its warehouse workers to discard masks if they were vaccinated.

President Joe Biden, however, feels that the people of the US should not be in a hurry to discard masks, even though the number of infections is declining. He thinks it is too early to unmask. Many states in the US have decided to discard masks, even in schools.

With more children being vaccinated, it is hoped that soon the situation will be better and safer for schools to decide whether they wish to continue with the masks.

A significant number of the population in the US is in favour of masks, while an equal number are also fed up of wearing it and are eager to see the end of the pandemic.

Countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway are looking at reclassifying COVID as an almost harmless disease that is not a risk to the general population, and looking to do away with restrictions altogether.

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