Google accused of being biased towards black employees

Google’s ex-employee, April Curley has filed a lawsuit against the company


An ex-employee of Google, April Curley, who is an African American woman, has filed a lawsuit against Google which states that the tech giant hires Black employees and steers them into lower-level jobs, pays them less, and denies them advancement and leadership roles because of their race.

The lawsuit also claims that Google has an hostile environment when it comes to Black employees, which is why Blacks at Google fail to get increments in their pay, do not get the chance to go into leadership roles and often, there is high attrition amongst Blacks at the Company as compared to non-Blacks.

As per the complaint which was filed at the federal court in San Jose, California, Curley was hired by Google in 2014 as a University Programmes Specialist in New York. Curley says that she was subject to a stereotypical environment where leadership teams sidelined her in various important meetings and gatherings. She also alleges that she was denied promotions many times and witnessed salary cuts.

As per Curley, Google fired her in 2020 when she got vocal about the Company’s unfair practices against Black employees. According to Curley’s complaint, Google’s efforts to hire Black employees is just a marketing ploy.

Earlier, it was also reported that the Department of Fair Employment and Housing was investigating Google on their unfair treatment of Black employees at the Company.

Google’s US workforce comprises more than 50 per cent White, 42 per cent Asian, 6.4 per cent Latino, 4.4 per cent Black and 0.8 per cent Native Americans, as per the diversity report released by the Company.

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