Lure of DJ to encourage employees to return to office: Meta

Meta has reportedly hired a DJ to play music in its Menlo Park campus cafe to encourage employees to return to its California headquarters for in-person work.


Meta has reportedly hired a DJ to play music in its Menlo Park campus cafe, according to an employee. This move could be seen as an effort to lure employees back to the company’s California headquarters, as Meta has been pushing for in-person work. 

The company has claimed that early-career engineers who joined in person performed better than those who worked remotely. However, it is worth noting that a spokesperson for Meta denied the claim that a DJ was brought in.

 Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Meta, recently hinted that the company’s current remote work policy could be subject to change. In an all-hands meeting, he informed employees that while the company will continue to support remote work, it will examine performance data and may make updates to its policy. This indicates that Meta is evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of remote work and may potentially shift back to work from office in the future.

In the past, Meta’s Menlo Park campus was known for offering employees various perks such as on-site medical professionals. However, some of these benefits have been cut back due to mass layoffs, according to Insider. 

The company has also discontinued its Lyft subsidy, which previously provided employees with free rides. It is worth noting that these changes in benefits may negatively affect employee morale and could discourage some from returning to in-person work.

Recently, Meta announced a second round of cuts that will affect 10,000 employees, with many not finding out if they are being laid off until April or May. This has left some employees in a weak spot and affected their performance as well.

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