Microsoft, Bank of America prepare for ‘return to office’

Bank of America has taken on 1,800 new recruits from campuses, who will join duty in the physical offices in October


Many companies in the US are seriously working on their ‘return to office’ strategies. Bank of America Corp. has hired about 1,800 freshers from campuses, who will start working from physical office spaces in October this year, in different locations across the US. However, these hires will be trained online, starting July.

The ‘work from office’ arrangement will be decided basis the COVID situation across the country and the conditions in the areas surrounding the offices.

As reported by Bloomberg, an official e-mail from the Bank said that the new recruits will be trained to be able to perform their jobs from their “assigned office locations”, along with their teammates and colleagues.

The final plans will be shared with the freshers at least a week in advance, so that they have enough time to prepare for relocation.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also gearing to reopen its headquarters in Redmond soon, and facilitate the ‘return to office’ for workers who will follow a permanent flex schedule.

Since Microsoft was one of the first in the US to allow its staff to work from home, it is hoped that this move to start the ‘return to office’ process will encourage others to follow suit. Microsofts’s decision to reopen its Redmond office was based on local health situations and data. It will decide on a similar move for other operations across the globe, based on respective local conditions.

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