Oman’s labour ministry takes action against private sector company

The Ministry of Labour issued a call to action for private sector institutions and companies to honour their commitment to paying employee wages as stipulated in article 51 of the Labour Law


The Ministry of Labour, through its subsidiary the Directorate General of Labour in Al-Dhahirah Governorate, has taken decisive action against a private sector company for its failure to abide by the labour laws. The company has been accused of not paying the wages of its employees for multiple months, thereby violating the provisions of Articles 51 and 53 of the Labour Law.

The Ministry of Labour is sending a strong message to all private sector institutions and companies, reminding them of their legal obligation to pay  employees their wages on the dates specified in Article 51 of the Labour Law. The referral of this company to the judicial authorities serves as a warning to other companies to take their obligations seriously and to adhere to the labour laws in the country.

It is the duty of the Ministry of Labour to protect the rights of workers and to ensure that they receive fair treatment in the workplace. The referral of this company to the judicial authorities is a clear demonstration of the Ministry’s commitment to upholding the labour laws and to ensuring that workers receive their rightful wages.

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