‘Take 10% hike & please quit in 3 months,’ says unique policy

A marketing company in the US gives employees a 10% increment during notice period, provided they leave in three months


An American marketing company, Gorilla has come up with a unique and bizzare way to ensure that employees leaving the organisation do not harbour any hard feelings when they quit. It offers them a 10 per cent salary hike during the notice period, provided they leave within three months!

When the organisation learns of any full-time employee’s intention to leave, he or she is given a 10 per cent salary hike for the remaining period of service, provided the notice period is of at least six weeks. This move will also be helpful for those employees who are dissatisfied and feel they are in the wrong job or stuck.

Joe Franko, founder of Gorilla, thought of this policy when a very good and talented performer from the Company’s workforce informed the management that he was looking for something different to do. He frankly and honestly told the management that he wished to hunt for a more suitable job and required three months for the same. The Company decided to hike his salary by 10 per cent and allowed him three months to find another job, while the organisation used that time to look for a suitable replacement. This not only allowed Gorilla to find someone fit for the role, with the exiting employee helping with some good leads, but also ensured a “seamless and smooth transition”.

Surely worth a try for the HR in India Inc., huh?

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