Tesla sued by former staff for mass layoff without 60-day notice

As per federal law, the employers are supposed to give advance notice of job cuts argue the petitioners


When Tesla decided to lay off about 500 workers at its Nevada Gigafactory, little did it know that the move will actually cause two workers to drag the Company to court. Two of the sacked workers, John Lynch and Daxton Hartsfield, have filed a lawsuit saying that the auto manufacturing company had gone against the law by failing to give advance notice of the job cuts.

As per federal law, employers are supposed to give a notice of 60 days before laying off employees. In Tesla’s case, the mass layoffs apparently came without any such notice or warning at the Company’s plant in Sparks, Nevada. Therefore, the workers accuse Tesla of violating the provisions of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

The said employees, who were terminated in the second and third week of June, respectively are now demanding class action status for all ex-staff members of Tesla across the US, who were asked to leave without advance notice. They are demanding that they be paid their salaries and benefits for the two months’ notice period.

As per media reports, following the lawsuit, about 20 other former Tesla employees have revealed on social media that they were asked to leave without any notice.

It has also been alleged that some terminated employees were paid only a week’s pay as severance at Tesla.

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