Unique job fair for hiring school bus drivers in Kansas

The demand for bus drivers is on the rise ahead of schools reopening in the US


A unique job fair was organised by a bus company called First Student, in Kansas, US. The fair was aimed at recruiting drivers for driving school buses. However, what makes the event unusual is that at the fair, the interested candidates are given a taste of driving an actual school bus before they even apply.

The two-day event allows interested applicants to drive a school bus on a closed course. This gives the candidates who are wary of driving a school bus, to try a hand at it and get rid of apprehensions or doubts, if any.

The Company also helps drivers get their commercial driver’s licence and trains them thoroughly before they are assigned a route. Each selected driver is required to undergo hours of classroom and road training before school begins and they are given the responsibility to drive a busload of children.

While the job is part-time, the drivers do enjoy various benefits, and are allowed to work extra hours, or divide their shifts and avail of a break between routes in the morning and afternoon. Drivers are paid in the range of $17 and $19 per hour.

The job is part-time but includes benefits and opportunities to pick up extra hours. Drivers work a split shift with a break between morning and afternoon routes.

Schools across the US are trying to hire drivers before they reopen. They only offer the jobs to those with a high school diploma or equivalent and preferably those who have completed a bus driver training course.

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