US employee fired for sharing pay hike info on TikTok

As per US law, sharing of salary is not a punishable offense


Lexi Larson who is based out of Denver in the US had recently joined a tech company. She was hired after receiving a commendable hike from the firm. Unable to control her excitement, she decided to share this information as part of a TikTok video where she mentioned how she got a hike from $70,000 to $90,000 in her new job.

She further shared two to three more videos pertaining to the job, which got her about 163,000 views. When this came to the notice of Larson’s employer, she was summoned for a meeting where her company’s representatives shared their concerns over Larson sharing such videos on a social-media platform. Post this, Larson deleted all the videos from TikTok.

However, two days later, she was again summoned for a meeting and fired from the job. It is reported that the company thought it best not to allow her to risk revealing vital information about the company via social media.

Though as per National Labour Relations Act (NRLA), 1935 sharing salary details with others is not a punishable offense. Larson’s employer also confirmed that she did not really violate any laws or company norms. However, Larsen has chosen not to take the employer to court.

After being fired, she posted another video saying how TikTok got her fired. The good news, however, is that her previous employer took her back. And of course they had no issues with her TikTok videos.

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