GM adopts transparency with UAW talks via a GM negotiations website

It aims to keep employees and the public informed about the negotiations. Regular videos from an executive and email updates are included for better communication


General Motors (GM) is seeking a new route to bring transparency to its contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers (UAW). The company has launched a website,  to keep its global workforce, as well as the public, updated on the latest developments during the negotiations.

GM’s endeavour to promote transparency comes with UAW president Shawn Fain’s efforts at regular live updates on Facebook and social media to outline the union’s targets in the transactions.

The website is dedicated to delivering information about GM’s 2023 negotiations with the UAW, and it aims to provide a platform for employees to stay informed. Additionally, GM’s executive vice president of global manufacturing and sustainability, Gerald Johnson, will regularly feature in videos on the website, sharing updates and insights.

Stellantis is also planning to create a similar website, but it is not yet available. Ford Motor has a website called, which focuses on U.S. manufacturing and will include negotiation-related information along with stories about employees in Ford’s U.S. manufacturing plants.

GM formally initiated talks with the UAW on Tuesday, and the negotiations are taking place at GM’s Global Technical Center in Warren. The ongoing four-year agreement between GM and the UAW expires soon, and both parties are committed to negotiating a fair contract that supports the employees and the long-term success of the business. GM takes pride in providing its team members with a comprehensive compensation and benefits package, including a world-class healthcare plan and a profit-sharing programme.

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