Google simplifies performance reviews

Under the new Google Reviews and Development (GRAD) system, reviews will happen only once a year although employees may still seek promotion twice


Google is introducing a simpler and more systematic evaluation process called Google Reviews and Development or GRAD. Under this system, the performance reviews will happen only once a year and will be more streamlined. This will also mean better and higher pay, overall.

The earlier process entailed a lot of work on the part of the employees as well as their managers, in terms of assessments, self-assessments and even a 360-degree feedback from co-workers.

Now, the onus will be on managers to review performance and give promotions rather than peers, although employees can seek promotions twice a year.

Simply put, while Googlers may receive feedback from their bosses or managers throughout the year and may even discuss how their careers will develop or progress, they will be rated on their performance only once a year.

The revamped promotion system will require completion of an assessment form by the employees’ managers/bosses stating whether the employees possess the skills required for them to be promoted.

Employees will no longer have to fill out lengthy forms containing reviews by managers and colleagues.

Googlers will be rated on a new scale containing five levels of ‘impact’ that the employees are creating — starting with ‘not enough impact’ and going on to ‘ moderate impact’, ‘significant impact’, ‘outstanding impact’ and ‘transformative impact’. Most Googlers will be part of the third or middle level, that is, ‘significant impact’.

The earlier performance review system was considered to be too time consuming by Googlers.

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