Government staff in Ujjain need to get inoculated to receive salary

The salaries for employees, for the month of July, will be given to them only after they show their vaccination certificate


To ensure that the district is fully vaccinated, Ashish Singh, district collector of Ujjain, has issued an order stating that all government employees will get their salaries only if they produce their vaccination certificate.

The order, which was issued on June 22, says the salary for the month of July will be disbursed only if government staff manage to get themselves inoculated by July 31.

The order is part of Ujjain’s efforts to achieve 100 per cent vaccination. The treasury officer of Ujjain has been instructed to collect vaccination certificates along with salary disbursement for June, and compile data on the status of inoculation of government staff in the district.

Various departments were ordered to collect and submit data even about the vaccination status of daily wagers and contract staff.

It is reported that the data had revealed that the government employees in the district who had lost their lives to COVID-19 were the ones who were not inoculated.

In Assam too the state government had decided to not release the June salaries for its employees till it took a stock of the vaccination status. The state government discovered that many front-line staff, including those on the rolls and those working on contract, were still not inoculated. Although the positivity rate in the state has dropped, the administration feels it is important to take necessary measures to contain the virus.

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