Headmaster faces pay cut for not dressing like a teacher

The said headmaster’s pyjama kurta made him appear like a public representative according to the district magistrate


The district magistrate of Lakhisarai, Bihar, ordered the salary of the headmaster of a high school in the district to be cut for turning up in a kurta and pyjama!

The DM issued a show-cause notice to the headmaster for looking like a public representative and not like a teacher.

A video that went viral shows Lakhisarai DM Sanjay Kumar Singh reprimanding Nirbhay Kumar Singh for not dressing up like a teacher. He is seen telling the headmaster that he mistook him for a local public representative in that attire and that he did not appear to be a teacher at all.

The DM later instructs an official over the phone, to issue the show cause notice and cut his salary because he was dressed inappropriately and was not even teaching students.

He tells the headmaster that if he appears and behaves like a public representative, he should be going around asking votes and not working as a teacher. The video shows the headmaster justifying the ‘gamcha’ or cloth he wears as a stole around his neck by informing the DM that there was no power and he was using it to wipe his sweat.

Of course there are many who are criticising the DM for his behaviour. After all, kurta pyjama is a traditional Indian dress and in no way inappropriate.

The DM had many issues with the school, including improper lighting in the classrooms and the inability of the principal to respond appropriately to his queries.

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