ICC ignores female employee’s harassment complaint: Reports

The employee has complained to many senior officials, but has not received any response


In a recent news, a female employee of the International Cricket Council (ICC) claimed that she has faced sexual harassment at the workplace. What is more shocking is that there has been no action or reaction on the part of the council regarding the complaint, including the chairman and CEO.

The employee had claimed that the ‘harassment’ by the senior ICC official commenced prior to the 2021 T20 World Cup in the UAE.

As stated by many media reports, the female employee, concerned about her safety, chose to deliver her complaint in person to a senior ICC official instead of sending it via email. However, she did not receive any response.

The employee also expressed apprehension about her emails being monitored, which influenced her decision to pursue this alternative approach. Therefore, she typed the whole complaint on an A4 size paper and delivered the same to the officials personally.

Unfortunately, neither the ICC’s legal team nor any representative from the organisation bothered to promptly address the concerns raised by the female staff member in her complaint.

The concerned staff member is a seasoned ICC employee with a history of involvement in various projects. She has even contributed to a project preceding the T20 World Cup in the UAE. The continuous disruptions at her workplace, coupled with the lack of acknowledgement or communication in response to numerous reminders, emails, or letters, proved to be a disheartening experience, with no one within the ICC engaging in a meaningful dialogue with her.

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