Ikea aims to generate 95,000 jobs in 5 years

The Company will work in collaboration with social entrepreneurs to create job opportunities


In an endeavour to scale up its social entrepreneurship business and achieve a goal of creating about 95,000 jobs by 2025, the Company has been partnering with social businesses for about eight years now. Currently, its initiative is already providing means of livelihood to 30,000 people, who help create its handcrafted products, which are sold through its stores globally.

Ikea has been partnering with social entrepreneurs to create job opportunities for people. Its efforts are aimed at ensuring financial independence for the marginalised population, and life-changing opportunities for women. Already, Ikea has had a positive effect on about 1,50,000 people, including the family members of artisans who work on Ikea products.

While the social entrepreneurs it partners with ensure a “diverse and unique product offer”, Ikea relies on its network to supply these enterprises with ace-quality raw material at reasonable prices. It also allows these social enterprises to benefit from its infrastructure. In doing so, Ikea hopes to encourage other retailers to follow in their footsteps.

Together with current business partners, Ikea will collaborate with new scalable partners who join Ikea’s mission of creating positive change for more people. Not only will these efforts result in more jobs being created but the quality of products will also be maintained.

Such collaborations not only facilitate sharing of knowledge but mutually beneficial exchange of competencies and skills.

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