Infosys gets into legal trouble in the US for favoring Indians


The company is accused of obsessional preference for employees of South Asian race and national origin, usually Indian.

A former Infosys employee, Erin Green, who was head of global immigration, has filed a legal suit accusing the company of discrimination and favoring Indians.

Green, who was terminated for violating Infosys’ ‘code of conduct’ as he used his work computer for personal use a few years earlier, has filed a suit this week in the Eastern District of Texas in Sherman, alleging that he and black and white staffers on his team were denied raises and promotions and that other “non-South Asian” workers were berated by South Asian company officials.    

Green has alleged that in a company of 200,000 employees in the US, the predominance of Indians is not simply a product of meritocracy.

According to Green, neither he nor any black and white employees in his team were ever promoted, progressed, or given salary increases and it was only the careers of south Asians that progressed.

Green claims that his firing had more to do with the company’s “obsessional preference for employees of South Asian race and national origin, usually Indian”.

Plaintiff Green has alleged that “Infosys has gone to great lengths to obtain its primarily South Asian workforce in the US, in particular by utilizing professional H-1B and L-1 work visas to bring South Asians (primarily Indians) into the United States to work in information technology (IT) consulting roles.”


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