Gender pay gap reporting must for Swiss companies

Switzerland considers gender-based discrimination at workplaces illegal, and making pay data public will help to ensure that the gap is narrowed and eventually eliminated.


Switzerland considers gender-based workplace discrimination illegal. However, Swiss women still earn less than their male counterparts. To check this gap, companies in Switzerland with over 100 employees will now have to submit a report on the pay given to their employees. They will need to submit details about whether they pay the men and women in their workforce equitably. This report will have to be shared with their workforce too.

This analysis will have to be undertaken every four years and a report submitted therein except if the government finds no proof of wage discrimination.

Gender pay reporting requires employers to submit details of how the remuneration of the employees is calculated and explain the results. They also have to give details of the actions taken to either bridge the gender pay gap or get rid of it altogether.

Companies in Britain are already publishing pay data. India should also follow suit especially because gender pay gap is really high in the country.

It is reported that men are paid about Rs 242.49 per hour, whereas women earn about Rs 196.3!

Indian women get paid 19 per cent less than men according to a Monster Salary Index survey not long back. There has hardly been any improvement considering they were earning 20 per cent less in 2018.

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