Is Amazon making injured staff continue working?

Media reports say that the company does not send its injured employees for treatment and appropriate medical attention, preferring to send them back to work instead.


The first-aid centres, referred to as AmCare, located within Amazon warehouses in San Francisco are apparently instructing injured workers to return to their duties after administering basic first aid. As cited by the Wired, the company seems to be putting them at risk of additional harm by sending them back to work instead of making them seek medical care.

This system being followed at Amazon may jeopardise employees’ safety as it pushes the injured to continue working rather than directing them to proper medical treatment. This has reportedly  been revealed by the on-site medical representatives (OMRs), that is, the emergency medical technicians responsible for guiding employees toward receiving medical care within the company.

These revelations are corroborated by investigations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and interviews conducted by Wired with some Amcare OMRs.

While the technicians are aware that their duty is to transport injured employees or those in need of medical attention to a place where they will get the treatment they need, the company itself shows no interest in facilitating this.

The report also indicates that AmCare personnel lack the expertise to diagnose and provide treatment for injuries. Their role is limited to administering basic first aid.

Amazon, however, maintains that the company does not attempt to conceal workplace injuries and does not agree with any of what the report says, calling the allegations ‘untrue.’ However, as per reports, Amazon has already received three citations from OSHA for mishandling medical cases, and putting employees at risk.

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