Kisanserv empowers women, has over 70% women in workforce

None of the women in the agritech startup's team has prior experience of working in the agritech space


Kisanserv, a Pune-based agritech startup has decided to empower women by giving them more employment opportunities. In its workforce of over 500 people, Kisanserv has over 70% women in leadership and other important roles.  The startup is successfully running in four cities- Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and Hyderabad.

Reportedly, the company believes in breaking the stereotypical notion that women only have very limited opportunities in the tech or agritech industry. Hence, they have hired women even with no prior experience working in the agritech industry. “We hire them and also train them so that they give their best outcomes as per the job profiles,” said Niranjan Sharma, chief executive officer (CEO) & co-founder of Kisanserv. Most of the new women employees were previously working as teachers, homemakers, and bankers, shared Sharma .

In India’s agriculture sector, women have always played a crucial role. Now because of technological integration, the agritech industry is booming in India. The startups are growing every day, while R&D teams are working to find solutions to the existing problems in the agriculture sector. The most impactful aspect of these agritech firms is that they bring huge financial growth for stakeholders. They have also unlocked numerous opportunities for the rural farming sector.

“The opportunities in agritech are huge. Thus, it becomes crucial for us to bridge the current gaps to benefit all involved in this sector. Women who make up over 50 per cent of our population, if linked with job opportunities, can take India’s economy to unimaginable heights. We are on a mission to find the best responsible women for different key positions in the organisation. We believe they are hardworking, sincere and responsible and are more ethical and focused on the work assigned,” said Sharma.

In addition to considering the empowerment of women its topmost priority according to the company’s DEI goals, the agritech firm also makes sure that women work in a safe and supportive work environment and provide them with flexible job timings.

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