Layoffs at TrueCar, 24% workforce affected

TrueCar resorts to layoffs as its revamps its operations to enhance efficiency and financial stability 


TrueCar, an automotive digital marketplace based in the US, has recently made significant announcements regarding its restructuring efforts. The company has decided to lay off approximately 24 per cent of its workforce, which accounts for around 102 employees. This workforce reduction is part of TrueCar’s strategic initiative to align its cost structure with its revenue base, ultimately aiming to enhance operational efficiency and agility.

In addition to the workforce reduction, TrueCar has undergone a leadership transition as Michael Darrow, the former President and CEO, steps down from his executive positions. Taking over these responsibilities is Jantoon Riggersman, who brings extensive experience as TrueCar’s former COO and CFO.


As part of the company’s restructuring efforts, TrueCar plans to invest approximately $7 million in non-recurring cash payments to facilitate operational transformation. Additionally, it anticipates an yearly expense reduction of over $20 million, excluding stock-based compensation, to enhance financial stability and drive long-term growth. These strategic changes signal a new direction for TrueCar and highlight their commitment to adapt and thrive in the dynamic automotive marketplace.

It is important to note that TrueCar had cash and cash equivalents of approximately $146.5 million as of May 31, 2023. However, the company anticipates that its aggregate cash balance may temporarily dip below $125 million in the near term due to the restructuring efforts. Despite this anticipated decrease, TrueCar remains focused on executing its strategic plan and leveraging its market position to drive sustainable growth.


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