How ManipalCigna is engaging its workforce

Each and every employee of the insurance company is covered under the revised mediclaim policy.


While employee engagement seems to be the favourite topic of discussion in the HR space today, there is no single mantra to ensure that each member of the workforce is successfully and totally engaged. But there are organisations putting in effort to keep up their commitment towards employee engagement.

Insurance company ManipalCigna has launched several initiatives in these difficult times. It has launched a program called staycation at home, that encourages an employee to take 10 days leave annually. It is not voluntary but a mandate for them.

Further, the company has launched three initiatives – ‘doctor on call’, where employees could take tele consultation, secondly, it has launched professional counselling, and virtual wellness program webinar on anxiety management.

As the Company fell under the essential services category, employees had started returning to offices in the month of May itself, but only after the Company had put in place the necessary safety measures at the workplace.

Reena Tyagi, CHRO, ManipalCigna Health Insurance, says, “We had guided our employees to follow strict protocols right from the time they start their journey to work, up to the time they leave the workplace to return home. From thorough sanitisation of the premises to the minutest  precautionary measures, all possible caution was observed under the supervision of the health committee. The employees’ well-being was being tracked daily.”

Earlier, mediclaim was not offered to all employees. However, post the outbreak, the policy has been revised to make each and every employee eligible for the cover.

At the end of August, ManipalCigna had around 1860 employees.

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