Marico launches new TVP to meet evolving talent aspirations

The three pillars of the new the talent value proposition are: GO BEYOND, GROW BEYOND, BE THE IMPACT


Marico has launched a new Talent Value Proposition (TVP), which focuses on the growth of the employees, fostering a diverse talent environment and building transparency at the workplace. With the launch of this new TVP, the Company wants to recalibrate the employee engagement and culture of the workplace to enable the valuable members of its workforce to ‘Go Beyond, Grow Beyond and Be the Impact’, across all its offices in India.

The Company believes that aspirations of talent keep evolving with time, and it is essential for these aspirations to be aligned with the business goals of the Company.

“Since its inception, Marico has been committed to fostering an environment of innovation, disruption and inclusive growth within the organisation. Staying true to our core, we have taken a step ahead to further our organisational spirit. With the new TVP, we are charting a refreshed roadmap for the future, with our members,” says Amit Prakash, CHRO, Marico.

Prakash explains that the aim of the TVP is to support the aspirations of the workforce and help them “leave a positive mark on the society, while also unlocking and nurturing their true potential and raising the bar of excellence with Marico.”

All Marico offices located in different geographical areas will align their talent processes to this new TVP and multiple initiatives will be taken in the future to enable all the three pillars of this new TVP, that is, Go Beyond, Grow Beyond and Be the Impact.

Go Beyond – Marico will enable and empower employees to have an entrepreneurial streak and also take calculated risks to go beyond their line of duty. It will help the employee to venture out into uncharted waters without the fear of getting failed.

Grow Beyond – The Company wants to create opportunities for employees to grow inclusively and embrace diversity and differences. Marico believes that this will help unleash true potential by encouraging cross-pollination of ideas and improving performance.

Be the Impact – The Company will encourage employees to take action, which can create a large impact and support them to develop themselves. It will empower employees to make a positive change. The Company will aid the individual growth of members and help cultivate their passion and purpose to ‘make a difference’, by enabling them to touch the lives of people every day.

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