National Career Service portal shows over 4 lakh vacancies

The highest number of vacancies posted on NCS before this was in July 2019, when it was about 3.2 lakh


The Ministry of Labour & Employment (MoLE) has reported that the Government of India’s National Career Service (NCS) portal has about 4,82,264 active vacancies as on 26 September 2022. The portal was launched in July 2015 to help job seekers connect with employers who need their services, across diverse sectors.

This is the highest number of vacancies since the 3,20,917 vacancies that were posted in 2019. These figures indicate there has been a rise in employment opportunities in the country.

Maximum jobs are available in the finance and insurance; operations and support; hotel/food services and catering; health sector; information technology; and communication sectors.

The portal also offers career counselling, vocational guidance and skill training facilities to those in need of the same.

Since its launch about seven years ago, the portal has mobilised more than 1.09 crore posts/vacancies.

In FY 2022-23 there was a spike in the number of candidates shortlisted from the NCS Portal. In the April 2021 to September 2021 period, over 1.9 lakh were shortlisted, while during the same period this year, already 25 lakh have been shortlisted.

As announced in the Budget, the NCS portal has been integrated with eShram (using application programming interface or API) so that unorganised workers are able to register on the NCS portal as jobseekers.

It also helps the MSMEs registered with the UDYAM portal to easily register as employers on the NCS Portal and post their vacancies. The portal is already integrated with Skill India Portal (SIP) for registration of certified skilled candidates of SIP as jobseekers on the NCS portal. The integration of NCS and UDYAM portals has resulted in a significantly large number of registrations of over 39,000 MSMEs on NCS portal, till date.

In total, over 9 lakh eShram registrants have registered on the NCS portal.

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