ON PURPOSE’s unique parental policy covers pet parents too

The creative communications consultancy has also launched a campaign #TwoIsTooLittle to address all forms of new parenthood


ON PURPOSE, a creative communications consultancy, has rolled out a unique parental leave policy, which is inclusive in the true sense of the word. Not only does it offer inclusive employee benefits to new parents and primary and secondary caregivers, but also parents of pets.

Girish Balachandran, founder, ON PURPOSE believes, “Social change must start at home” and therefore, it is not surprising that his organisation is “committed to driving social change in India”. This new parental policy is an “integral milestone to challenge gender stereotypes and build an inclusive workplace”. As he goes on to rightly say, “It’s time to share the load, share the ‘laad'”.

Well aware of the realities and demands of modern-day parenting, ON PURPOSE recognises how important it is for parents to bond securely with their their babies, children or pets in the first critical weeks, so as to ensure the have the best possible start in life.

While most organisations offer the standard two weeks of paternity leave, the consultancy offers 12 weeks of leave for fathers and partners. Through the #TwoIsTooLittle campaign, ON PURPOSE aims to inspire other workplaces across India to adopt similar inclusive policies

With this new parental policy, ON PURPOSE wishes to cover all instances of new parenthood, bringing under its ambit new parents who choose birth, adoption, surrogacy, or IVF. Its compassionate leave also covers unfortunate parents who may have suffered a loss of pregnancy.

While 26 weeks of paid parental leave at full pay is offered to employees who opt for full birthing, 12 weeks of paid leave is offered to parents who are adopting or having a baby through surrogacy. Six weeks of paid leave can be availed in case of a miscarriage or stillbirth during pregnancy. In addition there is 12 weeks of paid paternity leave. Those employees who have breastfeeding/chestfeeding infants are also entitled to time off or time away from their desks(work).

ON PURPOSE recognises pets as family members who need equal care and love. Therefore, it has curated leaves for pet parents, offering a week off for adoption of a new pet.

In May 2021, ON PURPOSE also introduced ‘Period Chutti’, a menstrual policy which offers an additional six days of paid leave for all employees who menstruate. The aim was to ensure employees enjoy enough rest, without using up their sick leave, since periods cannot be called ‘sickness’. The policy also helps to remove the stigma surrounding menstruation, and its discussion at work or outside of home.

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