Over 900 workers at Bharat Forge protest against wage discrimination


The Company does not recognise their union, the Bharat Forge Karmachari Sangathna.

The employees of Pune-based company, Bharat Forge Limited, are demanding fair wages and recognition of the workers’ union by the Company. Having submitted a memorandum to the assistant labour commissioner, P N Pawar, over 900 employees held a protest outside his office, calling for fulfillment of their demands.

Actually, the Company doesn’t recognise the Bharat Forge Karmachari Sangathna under the umbrella of which the employees are protesting. However, the union is registered with the State Government as a trade union. Employees claim that lack of recognition is the reason the Company discriminates against them.

The Company had issued a statement earlier, which said that “The workmen of Bharat Forge Limited are organised under ‘Bharat Forge Kamgar Sangh’. This is a registered and recognised union for the Company’s undertakings at Mundhwa, by the industrial court. There cannot be two unions in one undertaking”.

Non-recognition of the union leads to discrimination by the Company as some of the employees get lower salary than the shop-floor workers, despite being in the officer grade. This discrimination is because the shop-floor guys belong to a recognised union.

Pawar, who is already aware of the issues, has had several discussions with the Company in the past. He assured the employees that a solution will be worked out after speaking to the management.

The employees also demanded reinstatement of nine employees dismissed earlier as they were not part of the officially recognised union. But the Company maintains that those employees were dismissed on the basis of their performance. The dismissed employees have approached the labour court for help.

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