PeopleStrong reveals its new brand identity

The HR tech company also announced the launch of its AI-powered HR super app


PeopleStrong, a well-known human capital SaaS platform in India, has decided to rebrand itself and has unveiled its new visual identity. At the heart of this rebranding lies the AI-powered HR super app, the PeopleStrong Mobile Experience Platform, which has over two million subscribers. The number of subscribers is growing rapidly across over 400 enterprises in South East Asia, India and Middle East.

Amit Thapliyal, VP Marketing, PeopleStrong, explains explains that the curved, winding ‘g’ in the new logo “represents the journeys of our clients’ workforces, brought together by tech & the liftoff on the top represents the momentum for growth, and our promise”.

“In the emerging talent economy, talent is scarcer than capital. For organisations, delivering a seamless employee experience and building a talent operating system is a top priority. Launch of the new PeopleStrong Mobile Experience ushers in a new era of HR tech, marking its transformation to HR Tech 4.0. Our new brand is intended to break through the clutter and align our key stakeholders – employees, clients, partners for a better tomorrow. It is another step in our journey towards our dream of building a global HR SaaS brand from Asia,” shares Sandeep Chaudhary, CEO, PeopleStrong.

Moreover, the Company has been voted as “Customers’ choice for enterprise customers with 1000+ employees” according to Gartner Voice of Customer report 2021.

“We continue to hold on to our legacy of trust and the pride of having stood the test of time, serving the best in the industry. We will live up to our promise to be the momentum that modern-day enterprises need, in an evolved, digitally-transformed world,” adds Thapliyal.

Vishal Saha, chief product officer, PeopleStrong, adds, “As an HR tech company built by HR professionals, our core focus has always been to bring joy, energy, and meaning for our employees, customers and partners. Technology had a big role to play in this, acting as a bridge between people and helping companies build momentum, even when offices remained closed”.

The PeopleStrong Mobile Experience aims to “bring people, processes, data & insights together – on a single platform to create a seamless experience with infinite possibilities. The new super app is not just feature-rich – but brings depth and functionality in HR that matters.”

In the last few months, with the rebranding activity, the Company has also hired more than 300 tech talent to boost their growth and has also announced the appointment of Satyajith Menon as its new CHRO. The super app is available on the app store for existing and new users to download.


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